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Reliable Heavy-duty Transmission Service in Grande Prairie

Looking for heavy-duty transmission service experts in Grande Prairie? The professionals at Prairie Transmission have experience and expertise in repairing personal trucks, commercial trucks of a particular weight category, and consumer vehicles in Grande Prairie and the Peace Country. Not only do we repair and replace both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions in all personal and Class 6 trucks, but also provide periodic maintenance and services like fluid changes. Contact us for an estimate.

Our truck services are limited to vehicles with a weight of 25,000 pounds or less (Class 6), which include:


Cargo van

Box truck

City delivery truck (Sprinter)

Pickup truck

Heavy-duty truck

Single axle or beverage truck

With a location conveniently located in Grande Prairie, you’re guaranteed to have great transmission repair service for your personal or work truck.

Truck Transmission Maintenance and More in Peace Country

Whether you need a new transmission system for your car or you are seeking to rebuild the transmission for your truck, Prairie Transmission has the skills and experience to help. We have been repairing and maintaining truck transmissions since 1978, call us for transmission solutions and clutch services. If you know how to do transmission maintenance yourself, we have the supplies for you.

If you are someone who goes on off-road excursions, we can help you with some transmission maintenance tips. However, to keep your truck in good condition, your vehicle will need professional transmission inspections.

Prairie Transmission is proud to offer one-stop transmission services to Grande Prairie and surrounding areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Truck Transmission Maintenance Experts in Grande Prairie

Turn to us for quality truck transmission services.


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